Are all gutters compatible with acroteria?

Some gutter corners have an internal triangular re-inforcement and some have none. Where present, the re-inforcement can impede the fixing of inside-attaching acroteria unless their bottom corners are notched to accommodate or over-ride the re-inforcement. Because of the various sizes of such re-inforcements and their differing locations within gutter corners, it has not proven practicable to pre-cut our inside-attaching acroteria to a “one notch fits all” profile and accordingly the cutting of any notches – if required – is the responsibility of the customer.

If the customer prefers not to do this, selection of top-attaching acroteria is invited to obviate the contingency described.

Before ordering, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is nothing about the dimension, material, construction, configuration, profile or other attribute particular or peculiar to their building’s gutters that would preclude the safe and secure attachment of the acroteria offered.