Acroterion, pl. acroteria – an architectural ornament at the apex or outer angles of Greek temple pediments.

These classical ornaments
 inspired the decoration of gutters on many 19th century public buildings, banks, hotels, railway stations and grand mansions down to shanties.

Sadly, many of these unique and attractive fixtures were scrapped when unappreciative owners re-roofed, diminishing the historical character and completeness of the buildings that they once adorned.

This loss can now be reversed and past glories re-captured with Acroterion® offering the following range for the consideration of home owners, heritage architects, conservators, renovators and the owners of buildings old and new who wish to to distinguish the appearance of their roofs and gutters – fronts, backs and sides.

All are available in a larger size for main roof gutters and a smaller for veranda gutters and window awnings.

They are made from 1mm galvanised iron, come unpainted, and attach by riveting or screwing to the tops or, at the customer’s election, the insides of gutters through pre-formed holes.

All acroteria are made to order.

P.S. You don’t have to own a Greek temple!